Borderline Boardgames

New Project Borderline Board Games Legacy

Borderline Board Games Legacy is a project of 16 months, joining 8 different partners from 7 countries (BE, ES, HR, IT, LT, FR, PT) aiming at creating a value-based Board game, an inclusive Guideline script, teaser card game and tutorial video support, for placing values/attitudes back active on the foreground of youth field and turning existing educational exercises more inclusive. This aims to increase the social inclusion of young people, underlying European values e.g. promote…

Real iDeal game was tested with multipliers

28 multipliers tested Real iDeal during the training course on social entrepreneurship. We received very positive feedback and few questions around the length of the play, use of the game in school context, challenges of balancing between content and game play, where to 'download' the game. During this testing we also got the new booking to run the game during the youth exchange next week. Happy days!

Update on the production in Portugal

The 'raw' playmaps Real Ideal (see the pile of wood below) are now cut by the local wood workers, father Fernando and son João. We asked some advice on woodwork and we started rounding the corners by . Meanwhile...cutting playpieces still in full process.

Real iDeal testing days in Narvik

Project team in Norway, assisted by one of our EVS-volunteers from Germany, hosted 6 groups, totaling in 120 participants, for Real Ideal Virtual Life last week. We collected data from all of them and have produced some simple graphs of the results in the pdf-document to share with partners. All in all, though, we are very happy with the outcome The 1st group were aged 13-14 years old and found the questions and tasks difficult. One group borrowed as mush as they needed to upgrade until…

First drawings for Real iDeal lifestyle categories

Project team in France shares first drawings for the Real iDeal lifestyle categories. Now, all partners will collect and discuss feedback to make decisions.

Update on the production progress in Portugal

Update production: cutting 9000 pieces in full process. After cutting, they get individually hand cleaned on the cuttings before the painting process will begin. Height: 3cm, weight: 6 grams. We'll be busy with this till end of month for sure. We'll keep you posted...

Real iDeal was used as part of training ‘Power of Non-formal Education’

As part of the training of young people 'Power of Non-formal Education' workshop 'Real iDeal' was conducted in the gymnasium of Split with 23 students of 3rd grade in subjects of economy and policies. Workshop 'Real iDeal was conducted by project team in Croatia and lasted 80 min. During this time, participants planned their life goals  until the age of 60 years. During six rounds participants were building their lives, exercised their goals, paid taxes, dealt with bad luck and living…

Updates on the Real iDeal game production

Works with wood now really kicked off... 9000 pieces to be cut, cleaned, sorted, painted over the next weeks. Playtime is over, serious business no.

Real iDeal testing at Lentvaris Youth Centre in Lithuania

Project team in Lithuania tested the short version of Real iDeal with the young people at the Open youth centre in Lentvaris. It was 2nd testing for the group. Main feedback: the luck factor is maybe too influential on the game, young people preferred solving tasks rather than just simply playing the dice, suggestion came to use 'Roulette of Life' only for tasks/questions, for some of youngsters it was challenging the calculation task (challenging=learning).

Mission Z promotion material

Project team in Portugal created a "final draft" design of a roll up, which we're planning to make for Mission Z in Portugal. We're also working on a similar smaller poster.