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After extensive desk research and many online meetings, we defined a unique selection of 76 core values. Values relevant for the youth field and for which we as educators- wish to use in our educational programmes. Now we are happy to announce that the Value Cards are ready and available online! You can find the complete set of 76 Value Cards in different colors and sizes, a Card Instruction Leaflet, the Value Glossary, Value Cards Activity Bank. Please feel free to make use of all these…

Our #Value_Profiles

Our partnership is working on #values. 8 international partners also defined what each of us stands for. Here are our value-profiles!       

A video trailer from the testings all around the Europe!

A video trailer to show how we are proceeding with the testing phase of #ValuesCards #Values and #ValueBoardGame. A show-reel of all partners involved, raising up curiosity!! Watch it here: BBGames Legacy - Prototyping and first tests!!!

Moments from the Game testings

#BBGAMESLEGACY is now in the middle of the testing phase for the new board game on #VALUES and the new set of #ValueCards! Here some of the pictures... more will be posted soon! Testing testing improving testing and finalizing!

The First Testing of Educational Board Game about ‘Values’

Yesterday our project partners Produções Fixe Unipessoal Lda and Ha Moment had the first exciting testing of the new educational board game on 'Values'. Game-mechanics are now finetuned and good discussions on values were already a result. This Sunday afternoon, a new testing with a group of enthusiast young people, at Tasca da Dede! And then, time to initiate the beginning of the local production processes to get this boardgame ready in 8 different languages. #BBGamesLegacy

BBGames Legacy Kick-off meeting in Antwerp

We just finished our Kick-off meeting of the new edition of Borderline Boardgames which was held in Antwerp, Belgium on 2-5 of October. 8 partners from 7 different countries who live FOR and BY the VALUES they promote, come together to create something completely NEW about EDUCATION of VALUES. We are giving our best and we believe the outputs of this project will benefit millions of educators and young people in need of some new approaches on the topic.

New Project Borderline Board Games Legacy

Borderline Board Games Legacy is a project of 16 months, joining 8 different partners from 7 countries (BE, ES, HR, IT, LT, FR, PT) aiming at creating a value-based Board game, an inclusive Guideline script, teaser card game and tutorial video support, for placing values/attitudes back active on the foreground of youth field and turning existing educational exercises more inclusive. This aims to increase the social inclusion of young people, underlying European values e.g. promote…

Real iDeal game was tested with multipliers

28 multipliers tested Real iDeal during the training course on social entrepreneurship. We received very positive feedback and few questions around the length of the play, use of the game in school context, challenges of balancing between content and game play, where to 'download' the game. During this testing we also got the new booking to run the game during the youth exchange next week. Happy days!

Update on the production in Portugal

The 'raw' playmaps Real Ideal (see the pile of wood below) are now cut by the local wood workers, father Fernando and son João. We asked some advice on woodwork and we started rounding the corners by . Meanwhile...cutting playpieces still in full process.

Real iDeal testing days in Narvik

Project team in Norway, assisted by one of our EVS-volunteers from Germany, hosted 6 groups, totaling in 120 participants, for Real Ideal Virtual Life last week. We collected data from all of them and have produced some simple graphs of the results in the pdf-document to share with partners. All in all, though, we are very happy with the outcome The 1st group were aged 13-14 years old and found the questions and tasks difficult. One group borrowed as mush as they needed to upgrade until…
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