Borderline Boardgames


A new educational boardgame focusing on ‘values’ is getting very concrete. Not only additional ‘special playchips’ are now ready, but also the first sets of game avatars. For each partner in this project, there are tailored different sets. On the image here: avatars which the players personalize with different objects before the ‘play’ starts. Values are reflected in every act we do.

“Call us Fonzies”.
We were trees, then chair feet. Now upcycled for the educational boardgame ‘4 Headed Monkey’: our ‘3rd life’. More game-avatar sets have been completed for the different international partners: all different, yet all equal. This boardgame on values is soon released, and will be free downloadable.
‘Meet The Smooths’.
“Inclusivety” in boardgames is so often forgotten in the exciting rush of building game adventures. See here another few sets of game-avatars for the new educational boardgame on values: ‘4 Headed Monkey’. They come in different sizes, heights, colours and are marked with different ‘touch spots’… just in case. Inclusive is a Right.

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