Borderline Boardgames

Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Dropbox vs. Google Drive

This is the question to be answered...

Mission Z tested in Portugal!

Just finished testing the Mission Z game in Portugal. 10 players were involved in playing the game. Very dynamic moves with lots of negotiations during the last 2 rounds...with time pressure and loud music. It is working.

First draft of the trailer video

First version of the trailer video has arrived! Get curious of the games we are developing.

Partner meeting in Portugal ended successfully

The 1st Partner Meeting of the project "Borderline Boardgames" ended successfully in Portugal. We were delighted about the effective working environment, transparent decision making and fruitful teamwork.

Work in progress during Partner meeting in Portugal

Here are some of the photo evidence of our creative work during the 1st Partner meeting in Portugal.  

On the way to Partner meeting in Portugal

We are on the way to Partner meeting in Portugal, waiting for connecting flight to Lisbon. Since we do not know everyone in person, we thought of preparing a a welcome poster to find everyone in the crowd at the train station. Hopefully this will work out:)

Spain starts testing Real iDeal game

Today, testing the Real iDeal game started in Spain.

Real iDeal first test in Lithuania

Today project team in Lithuania tested the game with 13 young people at Lentvaris Open Youth Centre. None was interested in borrowing from the bank and the questions seemed to them easy to crunch.

First trials of game production in Portugal

To keep you updated. Today we made a first test with our machinery in an improvised temporary 'self-made BB factory'. Test is successful... Now we will organise the space as it should be and get the 'production' of the pieces on a full speed. Soon some important decisions need to be made: game design, color set, size of the game pieces.  

Real iDeal testing happens in France

The first test in Bretagne was done yesterday in youth center during the informal time. There were 5 teenagers between 11 and 15 years old and the animator testing the Real iDeal game. Participants wanted to play in little teams and we create 3 groups. This had an impact for the gain, because nobody needed to make a loan to the bank. In general, participants enjoyed the game, even if the aim sometimes was not clear. Participants were young people with already some financial awareness and…