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Real iDeal was used as part of training ‘Power of Non-formal Education’

Real iDeal was used as part of training ‘Power of Non-formal Education’

As part of the training of young people ‘Power of Non-formal Education’ workshop ‘Real iDeal’ was conducted in the gymnasium of Split with 23 students of 3rd grade in subjects of economy and policies.

Workshop ‘Real iDeal was conducted by project team in Croatia and lasted 80 min. During this time, participants planned their life goalsĀ  until the age of 60 years. During six rounds participants were building their lives, exercised their goals, paid taxes, dealt with bad luck and living conditions.

Upon completion of the game we made the evaluation that served project team as a basis for improving the final version of the game. The evaluation showed that the participants adopted the idea of the importance of planning life’s journey and goals. Game confirmed desired expectations for learning outcomes because some of the participants were not satisfied with the achievements during the game and made conclusions regarding other moves in life.

This conclusion leaves us with the possibility of re-play and a better assessment of their capabilities that should be harmonized with the circumstances of life and opportunities. The common conclusion of all is that the game is fun to play again, players became more aware of the needs of life’s journey planning and forecasting of intended and unintended situation.

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