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Real iDeal testing days in Narvik

Real iDeal testing days in Narvik

Project team in Norway, assisted by one of our EVS-volunteers from Germany, hosted 6 groups, totaling in 120 participants, for Real Ideal Virtual Life last week. We collected data from all of them and have produced some simple graphs of the results in the pdf-document to share with partners. All in all, though, we are very happy with the outcome

The 1st group were aged 13-14 years old and found the questions and tasks difficult. One group borrowed as mush as they needed to upgrade until they had reached their ideals in all categories.Unfortunately we didn’t have time for the maintenance costs to really bite, and they reasoned that it’s normal to have a loan in the bank anyway.

The 2nd group of the day were 16 years old and were very cautious, calculating their every move 1 or even 2 steps ahead.

When testing the bank loans, tt swings from group to group. Some reason that you can’t really buy anything without a loan, so they begin early in the game. And then some manage their loans well, others get stuck an accumulate more and more.

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