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The 4 Headed Monkey

Would you like to know more about the values? Are you interested in discussing and discovering the values of others? If, yes this educational board game is the right choice!

Why “The 4 Headed Monkey?“

4 headed refers to:

  • The traditional 3 monkeys (the Japanese pictorial “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”), but here we added an additional monkey: no see, no hear, no speak … and the 4th: ‘no feel’ (value attitudes).
  • BUT also directly to the 3 ‘classic’ dimensions in most European youth work understanding of a competence. Besides ‘attitudes/knowledge/skills’, we add the 4th (monkey-head) dimension here which refers to values.

This board game brings you to the intriguing island called “4 Headed Monkey Island” that is accessible only a few times a year. You will have a chance to explore the island and its secrets, but also earn and discover the different avatars and what they stand for (believe in). In this island you have to act, react and perform according to the Value you stand for. There is one important rule – you can never mention your value. There is only one way to get off the island and that is to discover the values of the other avatars and the many secrets that the island holds.

You can book a The 4 Headed Monkey game workshop or organise a training centered around The 4 Headed Monkey game with us.

Enjoy our video teaser and feel the magic of the island.

Download the game 



This educational material was developed by the partnership between 7 countries under the project Borderline Board Games Legacy, funded through a Strategic Partnership KeyAction 2 in the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

The 4 Headed Monkey