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Value Cards

Welcome to this deck of Value Cards. A unique selection of 76 core values relevant for the youth field and for which we as educators – wish to use in our educational programmes.

This set is composed of 76 values plus 4 blank cards. 6 of the values are values followed by the European Union and those cards are marked with a circle of stars. It is meant to support reflection about personal and/or professional, individual, and group values. The blank cards do not have any purpose rather than to allow the user to write any other values.

To create this deck, the team involved made a research of different values lists, tools, and publications in order to identify the ones that are commonly used and would be in line with the intention behind the development of this deck. We acknowledge that other values would also be valid and important to have which do not feature on this deck but to keep it portable and easy to use, it was needed to limit the number of values on it.

You can find the complete set of Value Cards in different colors and sizes, a Card Instruction Leaflet, the Value Glossary, Value Cards Activity Bank. Please feel free to make use of all these resources as most convenient for your nowadays educational work. It is meant as an “Open Educational Resource”, freely available for all. So yes, don’t hesitate to share the link below to anyone you believe can benefit from this.




This educational material was developed by the partnership between 7 countries under the project Borderline Board Games Legacy, funded through a Strategic Partnership KeyAction 2 in the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

Value Cards