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Organise a Training with Us Trainings

You can organise a training activity centred around one of our educational boardgames. Contact Borderline Boardgames professional training team to co-design and organise a local or international training activity.

Mission Z training may address such topics:

  • Sustainable development and resource management
  • Peace and conflict transformation
  • Territories, refugees and migration
  • Cross-sectorial cooperation and strategic planning
  • Organisational development and strategy building
  • Partnership, cooperation and communication

Real iDeal training may address such topics:

  • Life ideals vs. reality
  • Personal/family financial management
  • Terms and concepts, such as saving, consuming, borrowing, taxation.
  • Managing life challenges, decisions and solutions
  • Life planning, future thinking
  • Teamwork, decision making and public speaking

Our training team has extensive professional experience of designing and delivering local and international training activities for diverse target groups.


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