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Spain starts testing Real iDeal game

Spain starts testing Real iDeal game

Today, testing the Real iDeal game started in Spain.

Real iDeal first test in Lithuania

Today project team in Lithuania tested the game with 13 young people at Lentvaris Open Youth Centre. None was interested in borrowing from the bank and the questions seemed to them easy to crunch.

First trials of game production in Portugal

To keep you updated. Today we made a first test with our machinery in an improvised temporary 'self-made BB factory'. Test is successful... Now we will organise the space as it should be and get the 'production' of the pieces on a full speed. Soon some important decisions need to be made: game design, color set, size of the game pieces.  

Real iDeal testing happens in France

The first test in Bretagne was done yesterday in youth center during the informal time. There were 5 teenagers between 11 and 15 years old and the animator testing the Real iDeal game. Participants wanted to play in little teams and we create 3 groups. This had an impact for the gain, because nobody needed to make a loan to the bank. In general, participants enjoyed the game, even if the aim sometimes was not clear. Participants were young people with already some financial awareness and…

Real iDeal game testings begins in Italy

On Italy, Torino the project team did the first rounds of the Real Ideal educational activity. The group was in fact very various: 5-6 young people, some young adults and some adults!! interesting and challenging.

Real iDeal tests are starting in Norway

Project team in Norway did our first test of Real Ideal. Yesterday, with our EVS-volunteers being a willing group to test the game. They are a bit older than our main target group for this game, but the response to the game's potential was very positive. "The game made me think about what to prioritise in life. It is about managing your own life, as everybody has their own ideals.", Liana (volunteer, 25 years). We've also received some tips and pointers to how we can adjust both game and…

Real iDeal testing continues in Croatia

Yesterday evening, at the meeting in Mertojak, 9 of us were together¬† to play the Real iDeal. In a nutshell Real iDeal is a game where you imagine your life for 60 years. Through out the game your life and other things (home, work, food, transport) are the result of decisions and investments that you bring on the playing road. "Whilst playing this game we were all a bit confused because the game consists of several parts, of various games and quizzes within the game itself. Although…

Learning games from our ancestors

Tonight in Lithuania we had an evening to learn ancient games from around the world. Photo impressions from the seminar 'Game On' which we host this week to prepare for the Partner meeting in Portugal.

Real iDeal game is getting ready for testing in Italy

Today project team in Italy was reading carefully the instruction of Real iDeal game and trying to find solution for the missing pieces. We have "stolen" the construction set from kids to use for piloting the game...

Real iDeal game is tested in Croatia

The first encounter with the Real iDeal game in Croatia. We get a clue of the game rules and we are ready for the next step: playing!